Automate Your ID

Tractus allows for real-time automated ID testing, which protects consumer data while also maintaining KYC/AML compliance.

Real Time

Check Specific Features

Government Check

NFC Check

Info Check

Face Check

How does e-Kimlik work?

It authenticates users in a matter of 20 second with a simple steps ID verification process.


Read front side of the card


Detect specific features from the ID Card


Extract face from the card (Face 1)


Extract information like TC Number, Name & DOB


Check and compate results with the government's database

Identity Verification

Create a user-friendly workflow to improve and streamline operation. Automatically and painlessly extract data from identification documents and fill online forms (with no customer efforts).


MRZ contains essential personal information necessary to verify identity

Data Verification

Verify a customer's identity by comparing


Extract important data from an ID document


NFC scanning will greatly eliminate the ID fraud cases in customer onboarding journey

Modern security requirements necessitate modern security solutions.

Tractus offers companies, organisations, and individuals a truly global identity authentication solution that works across borders, a solution that can be customized to meet your unique needs and demands, and a security framework that is continually updated and enhanced. Customer recognition is a high priority feature in the customer sign-up phase in digital banking, financial services (e.g. mobile wallet, remittance, lending), investment goods, insurance, and telecommunications, where Tractus e-Kimlik has been successfully introduced.

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