Automatically Unlock the True Identity of Your Users with Facial Recognition Technology

Tractus automatically creates the users’ digital identities by simply taking a selfie. Advanced selfie technology authenticates users and unlocks their digital identities in a fast and safe manner.

Facial recognition is one of the biometric identification techniques like fingerprint or retina recognition. This is the most natural recognition method since we as human kind also recognize others by looking at their face not fingerprints.

Basically, to recognize a face, we need to detect it first, then convert it into digital data by extracting its key features and finally try to match with other faces.Facial recognition is already used in numerous fields.

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Tractus is using biometric facial recognition technology to assist businesses and financial institutions in identifying and verifying their customers, as well as making it easier for those customers to identify themselves online.


Using Face as a Key


Banking & Finance


Tracking Attendance